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Loving the Organized Chaos of Childhood

Summer vacation is one of those times of the year where we might begin to question our sanity as parents. The consistent schedules imported to us by the schools are now up to us to fulfill, but it also isn’t a time to give children free-reign – we will suffer the consequences later. Instead, summertime is for organized chaos!

Let’s accept the chaos. I know, that sounds easier said than done and that also means different things for different families. Each family needs to find what works for them. Decades ago, families would follow the traditions of their parents and ask for advice from their parents, but for some reason this beautiful way of living has escaped us. We no longer thrive within our own families. Maybe if we returned to our cultural roots of our families, we might better understand our traits and characteristics – important areas when raising children. My Portuguese side of the family was much different in raising children than the German side, and as I love both cultures, I tend to gravitate and understand one better. Find your own path for your family.

Organized Chaos

Children are designed by God to learn about life through play. Whether that’s playing house, school, tag in the backyard, swimming with friends, sitting quietly reading, or creating a masterpiece with finger paints. We aren’t all the messy moms who enjoy the paint splatter on the floor or add a bit of color to their hair. I’m definitely not one of those messy moms, but I have learned that every now and then we all need to let the kids make the mess. It not only let’s the children be children, but it allows us, as parents, to let go and let God take over.

This is the beauty of childhood and an underestimated gift given through this vocation. Parenting is not for the weak of heart, but it is an opportunity to make everyone to find a better and more beautiful version of themselves.

Photography Credit: Megan Ramminger Photography

A Childhood of Memories

As we coast through these summer days of heat, water, sunshine, and play, let’s take a moment as adults to remember the children. To remember that these days will never come back, and of course, there will be many difficult days, but those are small in comparison to the days where we create everlasting memories for our children. We want these little people to remember our smiles, our laughter, our spontaneity, and our desire to love God, our family, and friends will all our hearts. These are going to be the days we hope they remember. So, instead of focusing on those little annoyances, we all should take a step back and focus on the goodness and beauty that surrounds our lives each day which we hope will pass on to our children through our example.

Embrace the organized chaos of summer!

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