Sunshine Is My Favorite Accessory!

  How do you wear your sunshine?

It’s a bit miserable here in Wisconsin.  It has been raining on and off for over a week, with a few short days of sun, but very little warm weather. Well, it’s cloudy and damp today and the thought of summer vacation seems so far away, even though the kids only have one month left of school. So, I’m sitting here dreaming of sunshine.

If I can’t have the sun, I might as well try to bring the sunshine to those around me. So, on these dreary days of rain and clouds, I’m going to put a smile on my face and attempt to cheer-up my 3 year old!

Credit: @dmheckenkamp

Let’s Spread Kindness on a Dreary Day!

Sauce of Life Tips:

1.   Pick one person in your life who needs to feel loved and do something extra special for them. Send them flowers, make them cookies or even a funny card in the mail will brighten their day.

2.   Go out of your way to invite someone out for coffee who might annoy you, but needs a shoulder to lean on.

3.   Make extra time for those you love. You might make a small effort here, but don’t they deserve your time and attention. Even setting up a date night for you and your significant other or even more fun, schedule a date night for a couple who hasn’t had a night out without the kids in awhile.

4.   Truly take the time to listen to someone. Instead of zoning out when someone is seeking advice or even just to be listened to, maybe try to absorb what they are saying and be interested in them.

5.   Learn to love others more than yourself. This might seem obvious, or you are rolling your eyes at this point, but life has enough tragedies, woes and selfish people who want the attention all the time. Take a moment to accept your sufferings, appreciate your blessings and stop dwelling on your own problems, oftentimes you will realize that others have it much worse and are in dire need of a friend.

6. Enjoy the company of every person, whether we get along with them or not. We need to annoy them with kindness! You know the saying, “kill them with kindness”.

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