A Mom’s Life of Preparation

After many weeks of absence, I now have a chance to take a moment a write about the upcoming Easter weekend. Being in the middle of the Triduum, we have an opportunity to hold off on the celebrations and spend the next few days in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Growing up, I had always been told to “live in the moment”. Enjoy the present with only a small look to the future and no regrets for the past. As dream-worthy as this sounds, it isn’t always realistic, and now even more so as a mom. It’s impossible to live in each moment as a mom. We are the ones who focus on the future for our family. God made us to foresee the dangers or potential life changing experiences for the young children who do not understand the world yet.


IMG_8390A little Easter candy prep @daniellemarieangelina

So, as much as I would love to attend the full service on Good Friday or sit in contemplation during the next few days before Easter, that is impossible at this point in my life. And I am okay with that. However, I also refuse to begin the celebration before Easter Sunday. For if we don’t learn to mourn or experience true suffering, what purpose is there to celebrate. For without Good Friday, there would not be an Easter Sunday.

My plan for the remaining days of Lent will focus upon spending time with my husband and my children, while we prepare for Easter. It is the perfect opportunity to contemplate the three days before Easter Sunday while also slowly preparing for the celebration.

A mom’s life is one of continual preparation, for if we don’t plan ahead, there won’t be an Easter Bunny or an Easter meal, but while doing these preparations we can place our love among the hearts of our dear ones in forms of service – the ultimate act of love.

I hope you have a Blessed Easter and enjoy these special moments with your family and friends, because this Easter will never come again. We only get 2017 one time and I intend to use it with an intentional purpose – for the love of the people that God has put into my life.


Have a Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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