The Beauty of Preparing for Christmas

Why do we make life so complicated? The last four weeks of preparation before Christmas has been a whirlwind for my family. We currently in transition mode, while we build our new house, so the Christmas decorating has been minimal, so minimal that we only have a 3 foot tall tree with lights (no ornaments, can’t find them – I think they are in the storage unit) and the stockings for St. Nick. Luckily, I had labeled the stocking box quite visible for this exact reason. This simplification of Advent has been really nice, as we can focus more on the family and doing things as a family, but it has also left me with a lot of last minute things to do before Christmas!

thomaskinkadecredit: Thomas Kinkade

In previous years, I had my shopping done before Thanksgiving and the decorations were up two weeks before, but this year, I’m doing so many last minute things that it doesn’t feel simple anymore. I definitely won’t make this mistake again, for some reason my planning and lists were non-existent this year. So as much as everyone keeps writing posts about keeping Advent and Christmas simple, there needs to be a balance. Why do we all use the word balance? I have come to hate that word and there I go using it myself…

It isn’t the same for everyone, but I have learned that keeping Advent simple means keeping up with my lists and lots of prepping. I am a planner, so the thought of that doesn’t make me anxious – I love lists!

As I spend the next three days baking cookies and prepping for Christmas, I am going to take it slow while preparing for the birth of Christ, but I also have to remember in the future that just like all mothers, we prep for child-birth, so we should be prepping for the Christmas season in advance.




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